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Breaking Bones, Breaking Barriers tells a story of diversity, inclusion, and the American dream. The film centers around the pioneer black stuntmen and women who broke racial, gender and economic barriers and opened doors to diversity in the stunt industry. The Black Stuntmen’s Association was the first and only organization to fight for women and minorities in film and television when deep-seated racism and sexism penetrated every corner in America. Their struggle represents the broader picture of ongoing discrimination in every industry. Pulling back the curtain on Hollywood’s most dangerous profession reveals an industry still marred by grievous discriminatory practices.

Producer Nonie L. Robinson is the granddaughter of renowned Pioneer Black Stuntman & Coordinator Ernie Robinson. Nonie is a dedicated and results driven executive with a proven track record of success. The “Breaking Bones, Breaking Barriers” documentary has been her driving passion for the past 5 years, as a way to honor the legacy of her grandfather and all black stuntmen and women who helped create equal opportunity for others. Nonie is most proud of her work for HBO in Films working with the President and EVP of Films and later moving to HBO’s Original Programming in TV Development working on projects such as: The Wire, Entourage, Big Love and Six Feet Under. She is a graduate of Liberty University. ~ By Nonie L. Robinson

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