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At the end of the day the question comes, what are you doing for the world? You have to try to do something that’s going to add something positive.” Paul Feig

Paul Feig (Feeg) was born on September 17, 1962 in Mount Clemens, Michigan. He is an American actor, producer, film director and screenwriter and is best known for The Heat (2013), Spy (2015) and Ghostbusters (2016).

Paul graduated from Chippewa Valley High School Class of 1980 and after a year at Wayne State University he decided to go to Hollywood. Before moving to California he began calling the studios looking for an acting job, but found only a job as a tour guide at Universal Studios. After coming to California he decided to transferred to the University of Southern California School of Cinema-Television in Los Angeles.

Paul Feig on Early Failure and Chasing Dreams in Los Angeles

Besides becoming a groundbreaking filmmaker, Paul Feig is also an actor, writer, director and producer who also does standup comedy. He created the iconic Freaks and Geeks (1999-2000) and directed many groundbreaking television shows including Nurse Jackie (2010) and The Office (2013). He has also directed several episodes of the U.S version of The OfficeArrested DevelopmentWeeds and Nurse Jackie, as well as episodes of Mad Men30 Rock, and Parks and Recreation. He received nominations for two Primetime Emmy Awards for writing on Freaks and Geeks (1999-2000) and three for directing on The Office.

Paul Feig made his mark after directing Bridesmaids (2011), when much of his work became female-driven comedies, usually featuring Melissa McCarthy, who he directed to an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress for Bridesmaids (2011).

It was Paul Feig’s skillful work creating Spy (2015) and The Heat (2013) that showed the world that films starring women are bankable and popular both in comedy and action genres. The all-female Ghostbusters (2016) proved that film fans want to see funny and formidable female heroes on the big screen. Mr. Feig’s willingness to showcase physically powerful images of women in film has but him way ahead of the rest of Hollywood.

Artemis Women in Action Film Festival 2016 honored Director/Writer Paul Feig with the Artemis Action Rebel Award for his body of work that smashes conventions and perceptions of women in film. Mr. Feig has been unafraid to show women as physically strong, empowered characters in film during an era in which this is not the norm.

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