The Artemis Women in Action Film Festival Gala Awards 2019

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Artemis Motion Pictures produces The Artemis Women in Action Film Festival Awards every year in partnership with Cinefemme, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

The Artemis Women in Action Film Festival is the first film festival dedicated to honoring female action and empowerment heroes and includes music created by women.

From female action heroes to female activists, The Artemis Women in Action Film Festival shines a spotlight on women in narrative, documentary and animated films who are fearless, fierce, and revolutionary.

The Artemis Women in Action Film Festival extols women who kick ass and change culture! Film has both the power to entertain and to awaken – to awaken awareness of the dynamic and powerful roles of women in our society and throughout the world. This festival mission is to both kick ass and open minds.

2019 is the fifth edition of the Artemis Women in Action Film Festival. 2019 marks Artemis’ expansion to recognize music submissions from female recording artists, bands and composers.

Since the inception of The Artemis Women in Action Film Festival, the trend of action films with female leads is growing (‘Atomic Blonde’, ‘Proud Mary’ and ‘Peppermint’ to name but a few). It turns out ‘Wonder Woman’ was not a fluke and yet another female superhero, ‘Captain Marvel,’ is also breaking office records. TV, while always ahead of the bell curve, is rich with stories about women thriving ‘in a man’s world’ – police officers, detectives, doctors, lawyers, engineers. Men and women working together, equally capable, equally powerful.

The 2019 event takes place on April 25-27, 2019.

The Artemis Women in Action Film Festival 2019 features 80 films, in every genre, all featuring women as the central focus. From documentaries about women in the film industry advocating parity, to women breaking into professional sports, to action, comedies and drama that delve into the powerful psyche of women in the real world and the fictional realm. Using brains and brawn, these women inspire audiences to dream bigger.

The Artemis Awards Gala continues the tradition of recognizing the great talents that continue to revolutionize the female action and empowerment genres. They are badasses – warriors and heroes proving that women can do anything.

Honorees in The Artemis Women in Action Film Festival for 2019 include the following:

Action Unsung Heroine: Ms. Kimberly Peirce

Action Warrior: Ms. Daniela Ruah

Action Powerhouse: Ms. Dot-Marie Jones

Action Next Wave: Ms. Levy Tran

Stunt Lifetime Achievement: Ms. Jeannie Epper

Stunt Icon: Ms. Melissa R. Stubbs

Stunt Powerhouse: Ms. Shauna Duggins

Stunt Warrior: Ms. Lisa Hoyle

Stunt Unsung Heroine: Ms. Mahsa Ahmadi

Stunt Maverick: Ms. Crystal Michelle

Stunt Next Wave: Ms. Dejay Roestenberg

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