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Always an athlete, Dot-Marie Jones dominated the track and field strength events, setting college records in the shot put. She is a 15 time world champion arm wrestler and was asked to join the professional wrestlers circuit, but she turned them down as they were “too fakey.”  Her acting speaks for itself, as she believes in a low-key natural approach to her work.

Ms. Jones got her first acting role as one of the few female warriors in Knights & Warriors (1992) and she has been working consistently in film and television every since.  While continuing to defend her arm wrestling titles, she had recurring roles in comedies like Married with Children (1994-1995) and Desperate Housewives (2009) through dramas like Nip/Tuck (2007-2009) and Prison Break (2009) Ms. Jones has created a body of work that demonstrates an incredible range.

Dot has worked steadily since 1992, but she became an overnight success with her role as Sheldon Beiste in the second season of Glee (2010-2015).  Already a show that surprised everyone: a musical, no less, about dorky glee kids, Ms. Jones galvanized the show with her quiet, very funny portrayal of a successful female football coach.  She was able to convey the physical power that inspired her teams to follow her lead, while showing a vulnerability that made her an understanding sounding board for the kids.  On top of all that, she got to sing! The success of Coach Beiste brought a character like no other:  powerful, individual, a leader, while also a shy, vulnerable woman open to love and family.  She was nominated for an Emmy three years in a row for her work.

From playing a coach, a nurse, or a Combat Nun, there is nothing Ms. Jones can’t handle.

Dot-Marie Jones was honored at the 2019 Artemis Women in Action Film Festival with the Artemis Action Powerhouse Award for showing the world that strength, beauty and power comes in all shapes and sizes.

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