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An Interview With Nancy Thurston

Nancy Thurston has been a SAG stuntwoman since 1992. She has been a member of the Stuntwomen’s Association of Motion Pictures since 1994. She has also served as a Governor for the Stunts Peer Group in the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. She's...

An Interview With Debbie Evans

Debbie Evans, veteran of hundreds of motion-picture, television, and commercial stunts has been featured in numerous publications such as the LA Times, Reader's Digest, Glamour Magazine, Cycle World, Dirtbike, and on television shows like Montel, ESPN, Winning Women, and Entertainment Tonight. She was inducted...

Meet April Weeden

April Weeden is one of Hollywood's leading stuntwomen. She has doubled for numerous high-profile celebrities including Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez to name a few and she can be seen jumping through a plate-glass window into a swimming pool and driving through a mustard field at high speeds with a helicopter hovering overhead.