Helen Gibson

Helen Gibson was an American film actress, vaudeville performer, radio performer, film producer, trick rider and rodeo performer. She is considered to be the first American professional stuntwoman. Helen was the stunt double for Helen Holmes in The Hazards of Helen (1914) action adventure film series.

Jadie David

Jadie David began working in stunts when there were no other Black stuntwomen over 5'6". It was the age of Black exploitation films so she entered the industry easily. She became the first African American woman to make a living as a stunt performer in Hollywood and she fought racial discrimination.

Jeannie Epper

Jeannie Epper is cited as one of the greatest stunt women who ever lived and Steven Spielberg called Jeannie "one of the greatest stunt coordinators" in the entertainment industry. She was always a regular on director Steven Spielberg’s productions. Jeannie comes from a family of stunt professional.
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Melanie Wise

As a producer, actor, and editor, Melanie Wise has focused her film career on creating content featuring female leads in action films. She is Founder and Executive Director of Artemis Motion Pictures and The Artemis Women In Action Film Festival.Her goal is to showcase women in action entertainment.

Gina Carano

Former mixed martial artist Gina Carano was born in Dallas, Texas, April 16, 1982. She is an American actress, television personality, and...

Daniela Ruah

Actress Daniela Ruah is known for her role as Special Agent Kensi Blye on NCIS: Los Angeles. She works alongside the stunt coordinators in preparation for her scenes and she is dedicated to staying in shape and to consistent training for stunts and for the fight scenes which she often does herself.


Andy Armstrong

Andy Armstrong is part of the Armstrong family, a living dynasty of stunt performers who have been responsible for as many action moments on film as any family on earth. Andy has written, directed and produced movies and TV and lectures on the art of action movie making in colleges and film schools.


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