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Timothy James Scott, known professionally as T.J. Scott, is a Canadian film and television director, screenwriter, producer, and former stuntman and actor. As a director, Scott earned a Canadian Screen Award in 2015 for his work on the BBC America-Space television series Orphan Black (2013). Scott is also a photographer.

T.J. has directed so many powerful women in action roles in television shows including Xena, La Femme Nikita, Cleopatra 2525 starring Gina Torres, all the clones in Orphan Black, and a very female-strong cast in the latest television Star Trek adventure, Discovery.

Some of his drive for directing great action comes from his experience as a stuntman and second unit director. He evolved into a master director and has helmed countless television shows featuring tough, powerful women with copious amounts of kickass action!

Along with his career as a director, he is also an avid photographer and he used that skill to create a series of photo books called In The Tub created strictly to raise funds for breast cancer research and awareness. He and all of the actors, musicians and celebrities donated their time to this project.

As T.J. Scott continues his career, we can be assured that kickass women will play strong roles in his projects both behind and in front of the camera.

Artemis Women in Action Film Festival 2018 honored T.J. Scott with the Artemis Action Rebel Award for making a career of championing powerful action roles for women. In response to being named Artemis’ 2018 Action Rebel, T.J. said, “It is an absolute honor to be recognized as an Action Rebel – I couldn’t be more thrilled!”

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