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Stuntwomen and actress, Jessica Medina, was born in the small town of La Romana in the Dominican Republic. After moving to Miami, Florida when she was 17, she attended Miami-Dade college where she studied English and began taking acting classes to help further her interest in theatrical arts.

She was discovered by casting agents for Univision and began working regularly as a spokes-model for various Spanish television shows and did Spanish speaking commercials.

Jessica moved to Atlanta, hoping to break into mainstream English speaking roles. She began earnestly studying the Meisner technique approach to acting as well as the Stanislavski method under Lisina and John Stoneburner. This led to Jessica’s first guest-staring role on the Nickelodeon television series My Parents, My Sister and Me (2009) with Robin Givens. Jessica was also cast in the feature film Repentance (2013) starring Forrest Whittaker, who advised Jessica to move to Los Angeles, and become a serious actress.

Moving to Hollywood was the right thing to do and Jessica soon had many roles on various films, television shows and commercials. Her desire for more creativity led her to develop the project Night Angel with collaborator and director Ben Ramsey. To improve her acting, Jessica studied with some of the best acting coaches in Los Angeles including Tom Proctor, April Wester, Peter Wise and Bobby Chance.

When more and more projects began filming outside of Hollywood and increasingly in the South East United States, Jessica decided to move back to Atlanta where the industry was flourishing and where she could concentrate on developing new projects. Her work on the feature film The Fate of the Furious (2017) and Domestic Seduction (2017), television shows including Madam Secretary (2016), and Luke Cage (2018) MacGyver (2016-2018) and even a national print ad for “Go Back. Move Ahead” encouraging adults to go back to college, have kept Jessica very busy.

Always a fitness enthusiast, Jessica also trains in the martial arts, distance running, aerobics and military tactics. This has led to her numerous action roles, and Jessica Medina is the perfect action star.

Jessica’s newest passion project is to fight for the rights of underage sex-slaves world-wide. Her heart is saddened by stories of young boys and girls being sold as prostitutes to tourists. Jessica’s dream is to create an organization, and become a voice that helps raise awareness among local politicians, so that the innocent children can be protected from this ongoing injustice.

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