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Dailyn Matthews was born in Detroit, Michigan. Growing up in a large family, she started downhill skiing at a young age and attended an all-girls high school and where she began performing in high school productions. These performances led to her involvement in pageants, where she was crowned Miss Metro National Teen-Ager and subsequently Miss Michigan National Teen-Ager.

After attending Michigan State University for two years, Dailyn went to Hollywood. She chased after an acting career for years, but with little success, so she began working in production. She was unit production manager for the likes of Zack Snyder and David Fincher. During here seven years of work on the other side of the camera, she even hung out in edit bays with Gore Verbinski. She gained valuable knowledge while filling in many positions on the crew of various productions.

After a divorce, and with a young child to care for, she decide her athletics and love for the entertainment business might allow her to succeed in the stunt industry and she was fiercely determined to make her mark. She did make her mark, and she has been held hostage by BabyFace Nelson, tortured by Criss Angel, rescued by Lt. Dan, throw down an elevator shaft with an ax in her head, killed more times than she can count, dumped into a garbage truck, driven getaway cars, motorcycles and even scooters, and she has been blown to smithereens. Dailyn has doubled so many women that you may have never heard of and some that you have, such as Heather Graham and Katherine Heigl, and has worked on the feature films including Public Enemies (2009), Red Dawn (2012), Crank (2006), and Identity Thief (2013) and numerous television shows including Days of our lives (2012), Leverage (2012), Arrested Development (2005- 2013) and Justified (2011-2015). After a lifetime in Los Angeles, she made Atlanta, Georgia her home.

Volunteering and giving back is something Dailyn Matthews is passionate about and supporting women in the business is extremely important to her so she became a Board Member of the Stuntwomen’s Foundation, where she can make a difference.

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