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Daniela Ruah is best known for her role as the very tough Special Agent Kensi Blye on the series NCIS: Los Angeles. Born in the United States, Ruah’s career actually began in Portugal when she was a teenager. She racked up over 700 episodes on several Portuguese television shows and presented the Eurovision Song Contest before her US debut on NCSI.

Although she enjoys the on-screen banter with her NCIS co-stars, she loves her action scenes even more. She works right alongside the stunt coordinators in preparation for her scenes and she is dedicated to staying in shape and to consistent training for not only the stunts, for the actual fight scenes which she often does herself.

Whether it’s riding motorbikes, hand to hand combat, or dodging bullets in shootouts, Daniela Ruah gets to live her dream job. When asked if it is luck, she says: “it’s a matter of preparing yourself for what you want to do, so that, when opportunity comes, you are ready to take it and sometimes that’s called luck.”

Ruah was born in Boston as Daniela Sofia Korn Ruah. She moved with her parents to Portugal when she was five. She credits her parents for their support of her decision to focus on an acting career at the age of sixteen. She went on to study performing arts in London and in New York. She is fluent in Portuguese, and she also learned to speak Italian for her first big screen role in the George Lucas produced, 2012 film Red Tails (2012).

Daniela Ruah supports a variety of charities and is ambassador for Shopping for Change, a non profit organization supporting female artisans through fair trade, by creating jobs and promoting financial autonomy.

Ruah is married and has two children.

Daniela Ruah was honored as the Artemis Action Warrior at the Artemis Women in Action Film Festival in 2019.

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