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Top-flight stunt woman and professional boxer, Bridgett Riley was born on May 13, 1973 in Oakville, Missouri. She is known for her work on Watchmen (2009), Jumper (2008) and Star Trek Beyond (2016) and she performed stunts in Poseidon (2006), a remake of the 1972 disaster classic, The Poseidon Adventure (1972). She was the stunt double for Halle Berry in Catwoman (2004), including doing CGI motion capture. She worked on Next (2007) and taught boxing to Corbin Bleu for his film Jump In! (2007), a Disney release.

Bridgett found herself in the movie business by coincidence, after a talent agent approached her at The Jet Center, a martial arts school and gym owned by Benny Urquidez. Her close friend and colleague Erik Betts than introduced her to Isaac Florentine, which got her in the stunt business.

Bridgett Riley is a former five-time world kickboxing champion and a current boxing world champion and she won the International Female Boxers Association bantamweight world championship title with a 10-round unanimous decision over Yvonne Trevino at the Grand Theatre in Biloxi, Mississppi before a nationwide TV audience in February 1998.

Bridgett began her martial arts training with Okinawa-Te Karate and earned her Black Belt in the art. She began competing in point sparring karate tournaments and this naturally progressed into Kickboxing, which became her main focus. She trained at The Jet Center, a martial arts school and gym owned by Benny Urquidez and got instructors and colleagues such as Dale ‘Apollo’ Cook, Ben Urquidez and Pete ‘Sugarfoot’ Cunningham. It was at the The Jet Center that a talent agent approached Bridgett, and soon after her close friend and colleague, Erik Betts, introduced her to Isaac Florentine, who got her in the stunt business.

Bridgett Riley has been inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a member of Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA).

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