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Caroline Day began training in gymnastics when she was 4 years old and at 11 years old she was the youngest Elite competitor at the Canadian National Championships.

Caroline went on to tour with Cheval Theatre, the brainchild of Cirque du Soleil’s Director of Creation, Gilles Ste-Croix. She performed as an equestrian vaulter, trick rider and acrobat. She became Cheval Theatre’s official Media Spokeswoman for Television, Radio and Print, in English, French and Spanish. Carolyn was also part of the original Creative Team for “Cavalia”.

Besides competing in gymnastics at a national level and performing in Cheval Theatre, she was also a surfer and competed in 2005 at the first ever Pipeline Women’s Surfing Championship in Hawaii and at Nationals in 2007. She landed her first stunt jobs in Hawaii, rappelling from sea cliffs, riding horses and jumping out of the way of fast moving cars.

It was a natural progression for her to take her love of competition and performing to the next level, and she became a professional stuntwoman, using her natural abilities to perform in films and television. She soon found her way to Hollywood and was invited to join the United Stuntwomen’s Association.

Caroline Day is a board member of the Stuntwomen’s Foundation and a liaison for Production Services at the American Film Institute.

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