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Cassandra Ebner 2016 Stunt Reel

Canadian Stuntwoman and actress Cassandra Ebner has worked incredibly hard to get where she. She was raised in West Kelowna, British Columbia by very young parents with inspiring work ethics. Cassandra dreamed about being in her favorite movies and because of her parents teachings, she knew if she worked hard – she could do it.

At 13 years old, Cassandra began learning how to film and edit her own videos. She made short skits and 4 years worth of daily vlog videos on YouTube. With over 7 million views and 1500 videos posted, Cassandra used this as a tool to entertain, experiment with storytelling, act and connect with people from around the world.

After high school Cassandra was taken on by directors and producers to shadow them as she learned about different departments within the film industry. With guidance from established Film and TV actors and Stunt industry professionals, Cassandra trained and transitioned to working on screen as an actress and stuntwoman. Not long after, Cassandra received an award for Action Performer of the Year at Action on Film Festival for her performance in Croft (2013) which has over 5 million views on YouTube. She received a UBCP nomination for her performance on Arrow (2014-2016). Cassandra has received a SAG nomination for War of the Planet of the Apes (2017) and a SAG Award for her work as a Child Of the Forest on Game Of Thrones (2016). The Artemis Women in Action Film Festival 2018 honored Cassandra Ebner with the Artemis Action Stunt Next Wave Award for amassing a huge body of breath-taking work in an amazingly short time. Cassandra has also received an award for Best Comedy Actress at the HollyWeb Film Festival for her performance in Life XP (2019).

Cassandra’s latest project, that she wrote, produced and starred in is an independent web series called Life XP (2019). Life XP was chosen 1 of 17 projects to be funded out of 147 submitted to the Independent Production Fund. It was also 1 of 6 short form series’ chosen to be pitched at MIPTV In Cannes, France and is being shown at various festivals around the globe. It’s received the Best Actress in a Comedy Award, Best Screenplay Award, Best Cinematography Award and the Grand Remi Award.

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