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On November 10, 1950 Lane Leavitt was born in Pleasanton, California, USA, where he graduated from the Amador Valley High School in 1969.

Stuntman, stunt coordinator, actor and special effects technician, Lane Leavitt was formerly a professional competitive motorcycle trials rider for Bultaco motorcycles. His titles include 3-Time US National Champion, 5 Time California Champion, 2 Time Oregon Champion, ISDE Team Member, 2 Time Motorcyclist Magazine All Star Team, and AMA Sportsman of the Year. In 1980 Lane began working as a stuntman with his first job working on The Fall Guy (1981) TV series, where he did a wheelie down the railing of a bridge.

In the 1980s Lane also performed stunts in the television series Hill Street BluesKnight RiderRemington SteeleCheersSt. ElsewhereThe A-TeamScarecrow and Mrs. KingNight CourtHunter (1984, with Henry Kingi, Sr., Gregory J. Barnett, and Steve Kelso), Hollywood BeatTales from the CryptL.A. LawFather Dowling Mysteries, and Werewolf (1987).

He performed stunts in several episodes of Star Trek: The Next GenerationStar Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager. In addition he served as stunt rigger on Star Trek: Enterprise for the stunts involving wires such as Suliban stunts and the fall back of Klaang stunt double Jeff Sanders on location in Bakersfield. Leavitt is the father of former stuntmen Steven Leavitt and Daniel Leavitt and has been married to stuntwoman Debbie Evans.

Lane Leavitt is the founder and president of Leavittation, Inc., a company specialized in creating stunt technology such as setting up flying, anti gravity, airramps, ratchets and deaccellerators. He has been before the Motion Picture Academy 3 times for consideration of a technical achievement award for the Airramp, Leavittator, and High Speed Desender.

As governor for the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Lane has helped bring about an Action Emmy, highlighting the value that quality action brings to a production. He has also served on the SAG stunt and safety committee.

Lane Leavitt is an avid supporter of woman in the stunt industry and trains stuntwomen at his Stunt Lab.

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