A Life at Risk

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Stuntman and Stunt Coordinator, Rick Avery.

After losing two consecutive matches while wrestling on his high school wrestling team, Rick Avery learned from his wrestling coach what would become Rick’s life motto—regardless of the risk factor and intensity of whatever obstacles he faced, he would show “no quit.”

Throughout his challenging careers as a police officer, high-ranking martial artist, and over three decades working in Hollywood as a professional stuntman, Rick met each and every challenge placed before him with the sheer determination of no quit.

Learn how he used this motto to his benefit—and continues to do so—in A Life at Risk. Join Rick on his exciting and ever-changing journey from the cradle to the present that is filled with great storytelling and wisdom as told by the person who lived it.

Asian Romance & Action Dramas 728 x 90

About Rick Avery

Rick Avery was born and raised in New York’s East Bronx and he and his family later settled in Southern California’s coastal town of Santa Barbara. After graduating from high school and serving in the military, Rick became a police officer with the Santa Barbara Metro Police. One rainy night while on patrol, he rolled up on the scene of a car vandalism call only to discoverthat the car’s driver was Hollywood movie superstar John Travolta. Over the next 35 years, Rick became one of Hollywood’s top stuntmen with more than 500 film, television, and commercial credits. Having worked on many of Hollywood’s most successful films and with some of the industry’s biggest stars, Rick favorite actor to work with is screen icon Robert De Niro. Their latest films include Hands of Stone (2016) (the life story of boxing legend Roberto Duran) and The War With Grandpa (2019). In addition to his stellar career in Hollywood, Rick holds a 7th Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo, is a national and world Masters Division boxing champion, and is a licensed commercial airplane and helicopter pilot and instructor.

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