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Cheryl Lewis Stunt Performer – Action Reel

Cheryl Lewis is a unique, multi-discipline performer on the stage and screen. She is a stunt performer, martial artist, fight choreographer, action designer, actor, dancer, circus aerialist and puppeteer.

Cheryl’s began her athletic career training in varsity sports including volleyball, softball, cheerleading and gymnastic. She transitioned into professional dance and worked as a circus aerialist, performing all over the USA, in Thailand, Dubai and Osaka, Japan.

Cheryl Lewis Fight Choreographer – Action and Design Reel

With a desire to learn and master new skills, Cheryl has performed in just about every type of entertainment. She danced at The Metropolitan Opera, originating the character of Inamorata in The MET’s production of Benvenuto Cellini. She danced and choreographed the spanish-web routine in Barnum. She performed as an aerialist/in-line skater/tumbler/stunt performer at Disney’s Animal Kingdom stage show “Tarzan Rocks”. She played the role of Kat in the Off-Broadway show “Censored!!”. She was Robin Starveling in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. She was a dancer/gymnast in “Cirque Ingenieux”, and was a puppeteer and dancer for Poko Puppets.

Cheryl Lewis stunt double for Michelle Mitchenor driving in Lethal Weapon (2019) television series.

Cheryl Lewis is a martial artist with training in Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu and Kendo. All of her skill sets and training made her transition into stunts a natural one. Cheryl has worked in film and on television as an actor, stunt actor, stunt double and stunt performer. Cheryl is experienced in fights and weapons, both traditional martial arts and tactical weapons, car hits, high falls, wire work, fire burns and more.

She is known for stunts in Captain America: Civil War (2016), Run All Night (2015), Salt (2010), and I Am Legend (2007), and for her stunt coordination work in the TV series American Koko (2017), Hold On (2017), and for fight choreographer and stunt coordination for the short film Jahela (2013).

Cheryl is a member of the United Stuntwomen’s Association, as well a member of SAG-AFTRA/AEA/AGVA/AGMA.

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