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Elle Alexander is an actress, stuntwoman, stunt coordinator, host and voiceover artist. She is the Vice President of the Stuntwomen’s Association of Motion Pictures and a member of SAG/AFTRA.

Elle earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film & Television Production. She attended California State University, Long Beach then studied in the U.S.C./Universal Studios Advanced Film Program where she received the Best Actress Award.

Ellie Alexander was a multi-sport college athlete. She competed in basketball and in the Heptathlon contest in track & field. Elle was named “Athlete of The Year” in High School and received multiple scholarship offers for three different sports including basketball, track and softball. She also competed as a member of the USA Sports Development Basketball Team and as a member of the US Team, traveling the world.

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In college, ellie focused on directing, acting and comedy writing. Elle’s acting career was boosted by her athletic ability. Her progression into stunts came naturally. Her training in stunts was intense and covered all aspects of the industry from fire burns to weapons to cars to fights. She then began working on stunt coordination.

She began writing, producing, directing and stunt coordinating for studios and that led to more jobs. She was the lead actress and wrestler known as “Danger” in the TV Series W.O.W., Women Of Wrestling where she was the World Champion as well as the Stunt Coordinator for the series.

Elle Alexander is an accomplished actress and stunt woman who has appeared in numerous major feature films and television shows. She has doubled many of Hollywood’s biggest star including Sigourney Weaver, Missi Pyle, Kristen Johnston, Natasha Hendstridge and more.

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