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Katie Rowe Turns Swimming Into A Career In Hollywood

Katie Rowe is a former world-class swimmer from Long Beach, California. Whether she found herself at the beach, in the surf, on a pool deck or racing between the backstroke flags, Rowe cuts a eye-catching figure. The all-around waterwoman turned to Hollywood after her academic studies were over. Anxious to...

Q&A With Transformer’s Stunt Double, Stacey Carino

When you’re drooling over Megan Fox in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) reserve some drool for Stacey Carino, who, as Fox’s stunt double, did a lot of the legwork. In her six-year career Stacey has worked on movies as varied as Bruce Almighty, The Jane Austen Book Club, and Tim Burton’s upcoming Alice in Wonderland.

Ming Qiu Wushu Athlete and Stunt Woman Trains Milla Jovovich in “Ultraviolet” Movie

Stuntwoman Ming Qiu has an impressive lineup of films including Charlie’s Angels, Kill Bill, and Ultraviolet. Inside Kung Fu magazine saluted her as their 2006 Woman of the Year. In a recent interview, the veteran wushu champion quickly brushed aside any suggestions of celebrity. “I’m a very low key person,” she insisted.