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2018 Artemis Women In Action Film Fest Reel by Melanie Wise

Melanie Wise is an accomplished actress, producer and editor and she has been acting professionally for over a decade. As lead actress of the award-winning horror-action film, Hanah’s Gift (2008), Melanie won best actress at the IndieFest Film Festival. Her character was so popular with young women that it spawned two fan clubs in Southern California.

Melanie stands six-feet tall, is a a former basketball standout and a licensed physical trainer who possesses a presence and charisma that is groundbreaking in feature films — More Clint Eastwood than girlfriend-next door. Melanie has overseen the production of two indie feature films as well as multiple shorts and commercials. She is an adept video and sound editor, graphic design, 2D motion graphics, and specializes in polishing troubled projects.

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As a producer, actor, and editor, Melanie has focused her film career on creating content featuring female leads in action films. Wise is the Founder and Executive Director of Artemis Motion Pictures and The Artemis Women In Action Film Festival in 2014. Her goal is to showcase women in action. Artemis is the first film festival dedicated completely to female action and empowerment heroes.

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