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‘It’s a Good Day as a Stuntwoman When You Don’t Leave in an Ambulance’

Few people have shaved their head, hung from under a fast-moving truck and been catapulted through the air all in the name of work. But then not many people are as tough and determined as stuntwoman Dayna Grant. She has worked as a double for A-list actors...

Lauren Mary Kim; Living Her Dream

Meet the Extraordinary Lauren Mary Kim, dancer, acrobat, Laker Girl, martial artist, stuntwoman and one of today’s most sought after female stunt performers. Lauren Mary Kim is a talented beauty who has solidified her place in the professional stunt world by means of hard work...

Put The Girl in Danger!

Helen Gibson’s strong, handsome face and dark hair gave her the look of someone who would try anything. In 1915, while in her early twenties, she was doubling for the star The Hazards of Helen. She was supposed to leap from the roof of the station to the top of a moving train. Years later, she called it her most dangerous stunt.

Jill Brown’s Epic Journey From Titanic “Drowner” to Tina Fey’s Stunt Double

Stuntwoman and stunt coordinator, Jill Brown has been behind the scenes of most of your favorite movies, from Titanic to The Wedding Planner to Armageddon. She's the one jumping off buildings, steering cars precariously down the highway, and doubling for Jennifer Lopez. Today, Brown is the stunt coordinator for TV show.

You Think I’m Crazy? Meet My Daughter.

You start out diving for coins on Martha’s Vineyard and the next thing you know you are a Hollywood stunt dynasty. Have you seen the movie Earthquake (1974)? There’s a scene in it when a guy on a motorcycle rides through a circular corkscrew...

An Interview with Professional Stuntwoman Jessica Harbeck

Professional stuntwoman Jessica Harbeck says that stunt work is one of those professions which keep your body and brain on their toes because the learning and training never stop. The business is constantly changing and the only way to survive is to be as prepared as possible while staying open and flexible to the changes.

Double Dare (2004)

DOUBLE DARE (2004) is an action-packed documentary about two Hollywood stuntwomen in male-dominated Tinseltown who struggle to stay working, stay thin, and stay sane. As the stuntwomen for Wonder Woman and Xena: Warrior Princess, Jeannie Epper and Zoë Bell are Hollywood’s anonymous heroes, taking hits that make actors into stars.

Cheryl Wheeler Sanders: The Life of a Hollywood Stuntwoman

In 1985, I made a transition from martial arts and kickboxing to a full time career as a stuntwoman. In 1982, I had moved from Pensacola, Florida to Los Angeles, California for several reasons. One, my sanctioning body, the WKA (World Karate Association) based out of Westminster, CA was working hard to promote me as a fighter.

An Interview With Ky Furneaux: Author, Stunt Woman, and Survival Expert

Ky Furneaux, 40, doesn’t work your typical 9 to 5 job. In fact, her job isn’t typical at all! It was while she was working as an outdoor guide in Australia, when someone suggested that she be a Hollywood stuntwoman. Ky loved being active so the gutsy...

Meet the Badass Stunt Doubles for Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lawrence

In her audition for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2104) stunt actress Janene Carleton had to prove that she could ride a horse — something she'd been doing competitively since childhood — but in an "ape-like" position. "You just have to hunch your shoulders and squat down...