STUNTWOMEN: The Untold Hollywood Story Documentary

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The documentary, STUNTWOMEN – The Untold Hollywood Story is based on the best-selling book by Mollie Gregory. The film introduces us to the secret stars who provide the action and thrills that make the best Hollywood movies and television, from the first black-and-white “flickers” to today’s high-tech mega-epics. 

These unheralded heroines are the generations of stuntwomen who risked their lives in front of the camera, while behind it they fought for equal rights with male stunt performers, battled sexism and harassment, sustained life-threatening injuries and returned to the fray after each battle. 

FAST AND FURIOUS star Michelle Rodriguez narrates the documentary and meets some of the stuntwomen who have doubled for her in numerous action sequences. Ben Mankiewicz (Turner Classic Movies) guides Michelle and two budding stunt performers through film clips from the early days of cinema when women performed their own stunts. Directors Paul Verhoeven, Paul Fieg and Anne Fletcher and producer Al Ruddy discuss the importance of stunt performers in their films and reveal some tricks of the trade. Nell Scovell (LEAN IN, JUST THE FUNNY PARTS) has written the provocative and insightful narration.

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STUNTWOMEN – The Untold Hollywood Story is directed by April Wright with commentary by Nell Scovell. The film is produced by Stephanie Austin, Micharl Gruskoff and Marion Rosenberg. It is edited by Jonathan P. Phaw with Cinematography by Svetlana Cvetko. Music is composed by Nora Kroll Rosenbaum.

The film is narrated by Michelle Rodriguez and enjoys a cast of some of the best in the business including:

Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez
Michelle Rodriguez
Zoë Bell
Paul Feig
Amy Johnston
Paul Verhoeven
Anne Fletcher
Jessie Graff
Heidi Moneymaker
Albert S. Ruddy
Ben Mankiewicz
Jennifer Caputo
Tammie Baird
Philip Tan
Katelyn Brooke
Renae Moneymaker
Alyma Dorsey
Kiriana Stanton
Jeannie Epper
Cheryl Lewis
Debbie Evans
Elisabeth P. Carpenter
Paul Anthony Scott
Hannah Betts
Andy Armstrong
Kelly Róisín
Brenda Lorena Garcia
Angela Meryl
Li Jing
Marissa Labog
Melissa Tracy
Donna Evans
Donna Keegan
Vaia Zaganas
Cord Newman
Rick Seaman
Thekla Hutyra
Julie Ann Johnson
Keisha Tucker
Joe Witherell
LaFaye Baker
Lane Leavitt
Hunter Paris
Jadie David





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