Shauna Duggins

Shauna Duggins has a background in gymnastics and martial arts and was drawn to the world of stunts. She is a professional stuntwoman, actress, and an Emmy Award winning stunt coordinator known for her work on Peppermint (2018), Charlie's Angels (2000), Fast Five (2011), The Kingdom (2007) and more.

Hannah Betts

Hannah Betts is a competitive skydiver, instructor and stunt performer. She has worked as a stuntwomon since 2010. Before working in the stunt industry she worked as a police officer. Hannah is known for her work on Jurassic World (2015), Ant-Man (2015) and Rampage (2018). Hannah has been a stunt...

Cassandra Ebner

With guidance from established film and television actors and stunt industry professionals, Cassandra Ebner trained and transitioned to working on screen as an actress and stuntwoman. Not long after, Cassandra received an award for Action Performer of the Year at Action on Film Festival for her performance in Croft.