Reshma Pathan

Stuntwoman Reshma Pathan is the body double for almost all film actresses in the 1970s and 1980s in Hindi film industry. By the early seventies she had gained recognition for her work. Her work as the body double for Hema Malini in Ramesh Sippy’s blockbuster Sholay (1975) made Pathan an overnight celebrity in the stunt industry.

Battered Bride to Bollywood’s Top Stuntwoman: Meet Geeta Tandon

Having endured a difficult childhood and abusive marriage, the female body double now puts her survival skills to use in India’s film industry, crashing through glass and jumping off rooftops. ‘There’s gain in pain,’ she says Geeta Tandon sits on the floor of...

Alicia Vela-Bailey

A diverse action actor, Alicia Vela-Bailey has emerged from A list stunt double to on screen sensation. With her chilling performance as Diana in Lights Out (2016) or her acrobatic, ass kicking, portrayal of Alisha Whitley on Marvel's Agents of Shield (2015-2016), she is truly the human special effect.