Luci Romberg

Champion gymnast, Luci Romberg is an American stuntwoman and actress who was nominated for 3 Taurus World Stunt Awards in 2014. She has been stunt double for Melissa McCarthy in numerous films including Spy (2015), and for Annalise Basso in Captain Fantastic (2016) and Kelsey Chow in Run (2013).
Stuntwoman, stunt actress, and stunt coordinator Sonia Jo McDancer, formerly Sonia Izzolena, is married to fellow stuntman Buck McDancer. She is known for her work on Planet of the Apes (2001), Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) and Star Trek: Insurrection (1998) where she was one of the stunt doubles for Marina Sirtis in Star Trek: Insurrection and Star Trek Nemesis. Sonia...
Stunt Performer, Stunt Double, and Actress Chandra De Alessandro was born as Chandra Sue Calvin. She is known for her work on Unbreakable (2000), Soldier (1998) and Get Carter (2000). She has been married to Mark De Alessandro since March 4, 2000. Chandra's most recent credits include 21 Grams, Outta Time, Spiderman, Daybreak, Unbreakable, Get Carter, Luck of...

Sophia Crawford

Sophia Crawford landed her first small roles in film and commercials in Thailand and then moved to Hong Kong. She landed her first role and realized she needed extensive martial arts skills so she began training every day with stuntmen from the Jackie Chan Group and other top Hong Kong stunt professionals.

Katie Eischen

Katie Eischen grew up training in gymnastics. After seeing Tomb Raider, she wanted to be where the action was and moved to Los Angeles and began acting. After meeting a stuntman, she discovered that stunts was what she was interested in and she is known for DateNight, and The Bourne Legacy.

Zoë Bell

Zoë Bell is a stuntwoman and actress. She was the double for Lucy Lawless on Xena: Warrior Princess (1998-2001) and for Uma Thurman in Kill Bill (2003-2004) As an actress, she appeared both on TV and in films. Tarantino was impressed with her work in Kill Bill and cast her in a leading role in Death Proof.

Lori Seaman

Stuntwoman, Stunt Double and and stunt driver, Lori Seaman (Lori Van der Veer), is known for her work on Poseidon (2006), Lethal Weapon 4 (1998) and Assassins (1995). She has been married to Rick Seaman since June 15, 1996. She is the grand daughter of Academy Award winning Cinematography Willard Van der Veer, the niece of Visual...
Janene Carleton is a well rounded athlete and she has doubled many of Hollywood's biggest action stars and her credits include blockbuster films. She was recognized by her stunt peers in 2011, winning a World Taurus Stunt Award for 'Best Overall Stunt Performed by a Woman' for her action doubling Angelina Jolie in Salt.

Elle Alexander

Elle Alexander is an actress, stuntwoman, stunt coordinator, host and voiceover artist. She is the Vice President of the Stuntwomen's Association of Motion Pictures and a member of SAG/AFTRA. Elle earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film & Television Production. She attended California State University, Long Beach...

Melissa Barker

Stuntwoman and Actress Melissa Barker was born on September 6, 1972. She attended Quartz Hill High School in Quartz Hill, California. Before she began working in stunts, she was a pre-school teacher. Melissa's first union television experience was performing gymnastic flips and twists without wires on a windy backyard patio...