Mahsa Ahmadi

Mahsa Ahmadi was the Iranian girls gymnastic champion and then became the first Iranian stuntwoman. She has developed her skills in all types of sports and has become a strong stunt performer. and she is now assisting with stunt coordination. Mahsa Ahmadi is part of the Persian stunt group Stunt13.

Brenda Lorena Garcia

Brenda Lorena García is a Latina-American stuntwoman, actress, and award winning multimedia journalist. She has been featured in TV shows, feature films, national commercials, video games and more. Her work can be seen on Ant-man and the Wasp, Bird Box, Transformers: The Last Knight, Avatar 2, and Lethal Weapon.

Dejay Roestenberg

Dejay Roestenberg followed in her father’s footsteps using athleticism and fearlessness to become a professional stuntwoman. Dejay Roestenberg’s wide range of skills includes wire work and martial arts and her talents explain why Jessica Jones (2015-2019) is so convincing when she is kicking ass.